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3 Delicious Campfire Sandwich Maker Recipes

Use your nifty campfire sandwich maker to make these delicious sandwich recipes. The ingredients overlap to make menu planning easier…

If you don’t keep a campfire sandwich maker in your RV or camping kit, you must remedy that! Also known as a pie iron, this nifty cooking accessory can make all sorts of things. Including toasted sandwiches!

We’ve compiled a sweet-to-savory list of our favorite sandwich pie iron recipes for you to enjoy. These three recipes have overlapping ingredients to make shopping for your camp menu and stocking your RV easier.

Since they use many of the same ingredients, you can make 3 unique, flavorful, and delicious sandwiches while camping. You’ll save space in your RV kitchen and save money on not having to buy (or waste) extra ingredients for each lunch.

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What Is a Campfire Sandwich Maker?

pie iron sandwich maker

Also known as a pie iron, a campfire sandwich maker is a cast iron cooking appliance on a stick. It’s used to cook various things (including pies and sandwiches) over a campfire.

It has two cast-iron sides hinged together to envelop whatever ingredients you place inside. It, of course, makes excellent sandwiches, but you can also make breakfast foods, desserts, and so much more.

Plus, you can also use it on a grill. Each of our sandwich recipes below explains how to use it over a campfire or on a grill.

(Other names for this campfire tool: pudgy pie iron, sandwich toaster, snackwicher, toastie maker, or jaffle iron. Phew! That’s a lot of names.)

Our Favorite Campfire Sandwich Maker Recipes

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