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Fruit Salad Recipe for a Crowd (with Sweet Dip)

Looking for the best fruit salad recipe for a crowd? This colorful fruit salad and sweet dip is a BIG crowd-pleaser. Careful not to run out of the dip!…

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Feeding a crowd while camping is certainly a challenge, but this fruit salad and fruit dip is always a big hit. We’ve even had to include a warning in the recipe notes for people to double the fruit dip if traveling with sweet-eaters. 

This easy fruit salad recipe replaces the typical simple dressing with a super simple sweet dip. The fruit salad alone is refreshing, especially on hot days, with its bite-sized pieces of fresh strawberries, red grapes, kiwi, grapefruit, and more.

But the fruit dip just pushes it over the edge of DELICIOUS!

The fruit dip goes well with every fruit. So, if you’d like to substitute some of the fruit in this recipe with other favorite fruits or cheaper fruits, go for it!

That’s what makes this fresh fruit salad recipe such a great choice for crowds. You can have fun with the fruit combinations.

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Our Rainbow Fruit Salad Recipe

This fruit salad is great as a healthy side dish at a barbecue, on summer picnics, or a scrumptious breakfast fruit salad. You can even use leftovers on your sweet cream pancakes the next morning or serve it with Homemade Uncrustables for an easy lunch.

That is, if there are any leftovers, which we doubt there will be! 

Fruit Salad Recipe for a Crowd (with Sweet Dip)

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This colorful fruit salad will brighten any get-together, especially paired with this super easy fruit dip. Be sure to read the note at the bottom about the fruit dip to ensure you don’t run out!


  • 2 lb 2 strawberries, hulled & quartered

  • 2 2 mango, cored & cubed

  • 2 lb 2 red seedless grapes

  • 2 pints 2 blueberries

  • 8 8 kiwi, peeled & sliced

  • 3 3 Lg oranges, peeled, sectioned & “cubed”

  • 2 2 Lg grapefruit, remove pulp & scoop bite-size pieces

  • 7 oz 7 marshmallow cream

  • 7 oz 7 cream cheese, softened


  • Wash all fruit and thoroughly pat dry with paper towels. Cut fruit as directed in Ingredients. For grapefruit, it’s easiest to cut them in half, scoop out the seeds with a spoon, then scoop little bite-size pieces with the spoon. Combine all fruit into a large bowl to make a colorful & appetizing display.
  • For the dip*, whip marshmallow cream and softened cream cheese together in a medium bowl until combined. It’s easiest to do with a kitchen mixer, and you can make this in advance. So, we recommend whipping the fruit dip at home in your mixer and then refrigerating it in an airtight container to take on your camping get-together. It’ll last about 3-4 days in the fridge.

    If whipping by hand right before serving, you can lightly warm the marshmallow cream and cream cheese just enough to make it easier to whip.



  • This recipe assumes 1-2 Tbsp of fruit dip per guest. But be warned, many guests go back for a bigger dollop! In fact, they tend to lick the bottom of the bowl clean. If your crowd has a lot of sweet-eaters, we suggest doubling the fruit dip portion of this recipe.

Serve the Fruit Salad With…

The fruit salad goes great with any of the following main dishes:

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