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35 Best Smoker Accessories & BBQ Tools for Camping

Ultimate list & gift guide of the best smoker accessories and BBQ tools for camping, including prep, cooking, cleaning, and comfort accessories…

BBQing has long been a big part of camping, and these days, more and more campers are taking portable smokers camping with them. As such, we thought creating a comprehensive list of the best smoker accessories and BBQ tools would be beneficial.

Our list covers everything you need and want, from must-have accessories to nice-to-have items. For each item, we include two or more highly-rated options. That way, you can select the product that works best for you.

We’ve organized the items into categories to make it easier for you to scroll through. We even include accessories that add to YOUR COMFORT while grilling or smoking.

So, let’s light that fire and get cookin’! (By the way, at the end, we also include a list of the best smokers for camping!)

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During-the-Cook Accessories

food on open smoker

This single category includes most of the must-have BBQ smoker accessories every camper needs. These are the right tools you need to cook your food to perfection. 

The remaining categories include a few must-have items, but mostly cover nice-to-have items. So, this is a great place to start.

1. Wireless Meat Thermometer

One of the best parts about smoking is letting it do its thing while you do your thing. So, a wireless meat thermometer is a no-brainer for cooking low and slow.

Whether lounging in your camping chair or relaxing in your air-conditioned RV, this tool allows you to monitor your meat without hovering over it. You insert the probes and take the remote monitor with you. 

We know we said we’d include a couple of product options for each category, but there is a clear winner when it comes to wireless meat thermometers.

The ThermoPro TP-20 is the go-to for campers everywhere. It has a durable design with a 500-foot range. It doesn’t require synchronization or require a smart phone to use.

The ThermoPro has pre-set temperatures for 10 types of meat and their respective doneness levels recommended by the USDA. But you can also reset the preset temps to your desired tastes! It also has a kitchen timer that will beep and flash once your preset temperature is reached.

You can purchase a durable ThermoPro hard carrying case, or add it to your Christmas or birthday wish list.

2. Instant Read Thermometer

You may wonder why you need an instant-read thermometer if you already have a wireless meat thermometer. And, really, you can get by with using one or the other. 

But an instant-read thermometer is handy for those quicker cooks or if you’re checking the temp on multiple pieces of meat (like several chicken breasts). These thermometers are so small and lightweight that it’s easy to take one along.

ThermoPro, of course, makes a great instant-read meat thermometer. But this Alpha Grillers Thermometer is a good option, too.

3. High Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Speaking of high temperatures, it’s always nice to have heat-resistant gloves. If you cook with charcoal, they’re a must-have. Plus, they come in handy whenever cooking over a campfire. 

WARNING! These gloves are heat-resistant, not fireproof!

A great pair of grill gloves can withstand extreme heat, keeping your hands comfortable while grilling, smoking, or cooking over a campfire. They typically have a soft cotton lining and a silicone outer layer. 

These Comsmart BBQ gloves can stand up to 1472℉ , and you can choose either long or short wrist guards. If you prefer waterproof gloves, then these Rapicca BBQ gloves are a great option, though they aren’t as heat resistant (932℉). 

Preview Product Price
Comsmart BBQ Gloves (1472F) Comsmart BBQ Gloves (1472F) $14.99Amazon Prime

4. Grilling Spatula & Tongs

Of course, we can’t have a list of BBQ accessories and not include a spatula and tongs. These are usually bought as a set and often come with a grill fork. The main feature of each is a long handle to keep your hands out of the heat. 

This Alpha Grillers Grill Set is heavy-duty with comfortable handles. It’s a 4 piece set that comes with 18″ tongs, spatula, fork, and basting brush (which is next on our list). However, this set does not come with a carrying bag

If you’d like a set with a carrying bag, than the Grilljoy 8pc Grill Set is a great option. It comes with a spatula, fork, tongs, cleaning brush, and two small basting brushes. HOWEVER, we do not recommend using the cleaning brush, as it has wire bristles (see #17).

5. Basting Brush

You’ll notice we include a basting brush and basting mop on this list. While you can get by with one or the other, they each perform better with different sauces.

A basting brush works best with thicker sauces, and a basting mop works better with thinner sauces. Again, one or the other will do the trick, but you might prefer to have both.

Our top picks are GrillHogs Silicone Basting Brush (set of 2) and the Pure Grill Basting Brush with Sauce Pot. It’s nice having the sauce pot, but the Pure Grill brush has a short handle. So, you may want to invest in BBQ gloves if you go with the Pure Grill set.

6. Basting Mop

As we mentioned above, a basting mop works better with thinner sauces. At first, it seems like the mop works well with thick sauces because it grabs onto a lot of sauce. But they tend not to transfer the thick sauces to the meat very well.

So, if you mainly work with thinner sauces, then a mop is the better option for you. 

The GrillHogs 18″ Basting Mop is a good choice and comes with an extra mop head. The mop heads are removable, so you can rinse them off really good and then wash them in a dishwasher or clothes washing machine.

The Cuisinart Cast Iron Pot & Short Basting Brush are a good alternative if you don’t mind the short handle. (BBQ gloves to the rescue!)

Preview Product Price
GrillHogs 18 GrillHogs 18 $10.00Amazon Prime

7. Pink Butcher Paper

Pink butcher paper is “the new foil” of the BBQ pit, popularized by Pitmaster Aaron Frankin of FranklinBBQ. It’s more porous, which allows steamy moisture to escape so you don’t end up with mushy meat, and it lets in the good smoky flavor.

All the while, it keeps the meat’s natural juices in. So, you get juicy meat with a nicer bark than if you use aluminum foil. 

DON’T CONFUSE pink butcher paper with white butcher paper or freezer paper. They are not the same thing.

Preview Product Price
Pink Butcher Paper Pink Butcher Paper $14.97Amazon Prime

8. Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Yes, we just said that pink butcher paper is better than aluminum foil, and it is. But if you’re out camping, you’re likely not going to find pink butcher paper at the local grocery store. 

So, you can still go with the classic aluminum foil to get the job done. Just be sure to use HEAVY DUTY aluminum foil, as regular foil tears too easily and can’t hold heavy meat.

Plus, aluminum foil is just handy to have around. You can use it to line trays, wrap leftovers, and cook Super Easy Shrimp & Asparagus Foil Packets on the grill or campfire.

Preview Product Price
Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil $11.99Amazon Prime

9. Pellet Tube Smoker

A pellet tube turns any grill into a smoker. So, you can use the campground’s grill or your portable camping grill as a smoker with this nifty little tube.

When choosing a smoke tube, pay attention to the size. Don’t mistakenly buy one that’s too long to use in your portable grill. 

The Lanney Smoke Tube and LIZZQ Smoker Tube are 12 inches, so they should fit most camping BBQs. Both are hexagon-shaped, so they don’t roll around and have about a 5-hour capacity.

Preview Product Price
Lanney Smoke Tube Lanney Smoke Tube $9.99Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
LIZZQ Smoker Tube LIZZQ Smoker Tube $12.92Amazon Prime

10. Charcoal Chimney Starter

If you BBQ or smoke with charcoal, a charcoal chimney starter is a must-have. Seriously, it saves you SO MUCH TIME and EFFORT than waiting and struggling for all the coals to light without it. 

You put crumpled newspaper or lighter cubes at the bottom of the chimney and fill it with charcoal briquettes. The chimney shape draws the flames up, alighting them and burning them quickly and evenly. 

The key to choosing a chimney starter is not to get one that’s too tall for your camping BBQ. The best compact option is the Weber Rapidfire. For larger BBQs, the 12″ Kingsford Chimney Starter is the go-to.

Preview Product Price
Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter $18.98Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
12 12 $14.98Amazon Prime

Prep-Work Accessories

chef knives on butcher block

Cooking is only half the battle! There’s plenty of prep work that goes into smoking and grilling, and the following accessories will help.

Of course, we’re taking into account that you’re out camping. So, you need portable, lightweight options. We don’t want to weigh you or your RV down!

11. Butcher’s Block

If you’re doing a lot of grilling and smoking when camping, it’s worth taking a butcher block with you. You can also use it as a serving board or charcuterie tray.

The trouble is finding one that’s not too big or ridiculously heavy. We recommend this bamboo butcher block set (2 pk) with an 8″x12″ and 10″x15″ board. Together, they only weigh 4 lbs, and they’re smaller than many other options.

Plus, you don’t need to pack both! You can take the 8×12 board camping and keep the other one at home. If you can’t or don’t want to take a butcher block, the Gorilla Grip cutting boards (3 pk) are a great lightweight alternative.

12. Boning Knife

If you cook a lot of brisket, ribs, or fresh-caught fish, you need a good boning knife. It’s perfect for trimming the fat cap, removing silver skin, or tidying up a slab of meat.

A good boning knife is curved with an ergonomic handle and, of course, is very sharp. Two great options are the 6-inch Mercer Culinary Millennia and the Victorinox Fibrox Pro.

But a boning knife needs its mate…

Preview Product Price
Mercer Culinary Millennia 6 Mercer Culinary Millennia 6 $20.11Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6 Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6 $22.90

13. Slicing Knife

We know in the camping world, you don’t take two tools when one can do the job. But if you’re a smoker enthusiast, you won’t want to go anywhere without your slicing knife. 

Where the boning knife gets your meat ready to cook, your slicing knife gets it ready to serve. The MAIRICO Slicing Knife and Cutluxe Slicing Knife are excellent options.

Slicing knives do serve their purpose better than regular knives.

A basic knife can tear the meat and require more pressure, messing up the texture and squishing out the juices. A slicing knife’s long, sharp edge enables you to cut through in one smooth motion.

For more great options, check out our list of The Best Camp Kitchen Knives.

Preview Product Price
MAIRICO Slicing Knife MAIRICO Slicing Knife $27.95Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Cutluxe Slicing Knife Cutluxe Slicing Knife $44.99Amazon Prime

14. Folding Camping Table

When you’re out camping, you usually only have a picnic table as a workspace, if that. Plus, portable grills and smokers often don’t have the built-in side tables that home BBQs do.

So, a folding table can really come in handy, and you can use it for eating, playing g board games, etc, too.

But what table you need depends on how much outdoor cooking you plan to do, if a picnic table is available, and how much vehicle space you have to spare.

KingCamp has several lightweight options in different sizes, all of which fold up compactly into a carrying bag. They have a small 2-4 person table up to a large 4-6 person table to suit different camping groups.

15. Grill Prep & Serving Trays

Trays always come in handy when you’re camping, making it easy to transport food between your RV kitchen, picnic table, BBQ, etc. So, we consider them a must-have.

While many campers get by with one tray or using cookie sheets, BBQ enthusiasts may wish to bring designated prep and serve trays. One colored tray is for raw meat, and the other color is for cooked. The trays are lightweight and nest together, so storing them isn’t an issue.

Cuisinart Trays and TP Trays are both great options, with the only real difference being the colors. TP does offer larger sizes if you’re camping with a large group. 

Preview Product Price
Cuisinart Prep & Serve Trays Cuisinart Prep & Serve Trays $19.59Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
TP Prep & Serve Trays TP Prep & Serve Trays $26.99Amazon Prime

16. Grill Caddy

A grill caddy comes in handy at the grill and picnic table. You can easily move your sauces, seasonings, utensils, and condiments around the campsite. 

This collapsible BBQ caddy is a great, compact option. Or, you may prefer an all-in-one caddy that holds just about everything, including paper towels. 

The all-in-one option is bulkier, of course, but it makes outdoor meal setup so much easier! If you have the room for it, it’s worth the extra bulk.

Preview Product Price
Collapsible BBQ Caddy Collapsible BBQ Caddy $34.80Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
All-in-One Caddy All-in-One Caddy $34.99Amazon Prime

Keep-It-Clean Accessories

man in clean grilling apron

It’s important to keep your grill or smoker clean, both for health reasons and to keep them in tip-top shape. Plus, you need the right accessories to keep yourself clean.

And don’t forget about the wildlife! You must keep your outdoor cooking and eating area clean when camping so you don’t attract bugs, raccoons, and bears. Oh my!

17. Bristle-Free Grill Brush

Remember back at #4, we said not to use the included grill brush in that BBQ tool set because it has bristles? That’s because those metal brush bristles have a tendency to come off! They can stick to your grates, get stuck in your food, and then get stuck in your mouth (or worse)!

If you use grill brushes with bristles, be sure to always rinse your grill grates with water before cooking again. That will help get rid of any stray bristles.

Better yet, don’t use a grill brush with bristles! The Grillart Safe BBQ Brush is a really good grill brush– a hands-down favorite. For really tough cleaning jobs, you may need to use Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner.

Preview Product Price
Goo Gone Grill & Grate Cleaner Goo Gone Grill & Grate Cleaner $16.62

18. Grilling Apron

You only pack so many clothes when camping, so you need to protect them properly. There are LOTS of BBQ aprons available, so your focus should be on the type of material and functionality. 

Pitmasters prefer waxed canvas aprons since they are far less flammable and easier to clean. A quick wipe with warm, soapy water does the trick. But cotton aprons work very well, too, as they are lighter and still wash well.

Whichever material you prefer, make sure your apron has pockets and adjustable straps. For waxed canvas aprons, we recommend the Hudson Durable Goods Arpon. For cotton, we recommend the ARAWAK Brave Pro Apron

Preview Product Price
ARAWAK Brave Pro Cotton Apron ARAWAK Brave Pro Cotton Apron $29.95Amazon Prime

19. Grill Towels

Both of the aprons we recommended have towel loops to hold any towel you have on hand. But since you’re working with a lot of fatty oils and sauces, you probably don’t want to use your kitchen dish towels.

This Napoleon Grill 100% Cotton Towel is super absorbent, lightweight, washable, and doesn’t show stains. Plus, it has a clip so you can clip it on your apron, BBQ, or wherever.

If you want your kitchen dish towels to pull double-duty at the grill, we recommend using dark-colored, ultra-absorbent 100% cotton dish towels. The aprons we linked to above have towel loops, so you don’t need a clip.

Preview Product Price
Napoleon Grill Towel with Clip Napoleon Grill Towel with Clip $24.99

20. Picnic Table Cover and Bench Covers

Wood picnic tables at campsites are hard to clean, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to keep wildlife away. So, if you’re serving up juicy BBQ with delicious sauces, you should serve it on an easy-to-clean surface.

That’s where a picnic table cover and bench covers come in. They’re easy to wipe down and, as a bonus, are more comfortable to sit on and add character to your site.

Look for a fitted waterproof cover with bench covers that use elastic to keep them in place. The standard picnic table size is 27″x72″.

This classic checkered smiry table cover set comes in multiple sizes and colors. Or you can opt for a table cover set with fun designs.

21. All-Purpose Cleaner Spray

It’s essential you thoroughly wipe down all of your cooking and eating surfaces when camping. Otherwise, Mr. Bear or Mrs. Racoon is going to come and make a big mess. Plus fewer bugs!

Now that you have an easy-to-clean table cover, you need something to clean it with. Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray is a go-to brand. It’s made with plant-derived cleaning ingredients and essential oils. We recommend the lavender scent, as it’s known to repel many types of insects.

​Another good choice is Method All Purpose Natural Cleaner Spray. It is also plant-based and comes in a lavender scent.

Food-Specific Smoker Accessories

various BBQ food

Alright, now it’s time to get into the fun cooking accessories that make grilling or smoking your favorite foods easier. These items fall more under “nice to have” than “must-have,” depending on your camping menu. 

However, some RVers get a lot of use out of these different items, especially the grill baskets and kabob skewers.

So, shop this list with caution! Carefully consider if you’ll get enough use out of them while camping and if they’re worth taking up space in your RV or camping gear.

22. Rib Rack

Many portable grills and smokers can’t fit a rack of ribs, let alone multiple racks. But thankfully, rib racks are here to save the day!

These racks enable you to cook multiple racks of rib by holding them upright. You can also use the racks to hold chicken, vegetables, and other meats, too.

The Small Weber Rib Rack holds 5 racks and is placed directly on your grill or smoker grates. But you should double-check that it’ll fit your setup. It’s 13.2 x 8 x 3.5 inches.

This Sorbus Rib Rack is a bit smaller at 11.375” L x 9.75” W x 3.25” H. It holds 4 racks instead of 5.

Preview Product Price
Small Weber 5 Rib Rack Small Weber 5 Rib Rack $21.48Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Small Sorbus 4 Rib Rack Small Sorbus 4 Rib Rack $19.99Amazon Prime

23. Chicken Leg & Wing Rack

If you love grilling, smoking, and eating chicken legs and wings, this gadget is for you. It hangs the chicken over a drip pan. You can then use the drippings to make your favorite gravy, sauce, or dressing.

Make sure you pay attention to all the dimensions when shopping for one of these. You don’t want to buy one that’s too long or too tall for your grill.

This Cave Tools Chicken Wing & Leg Rack fits up to 12 wings, legs, thighs, or drumsticks. The rack isn’t as long as most at 11″ long. However, it is fairly tall at 7.5″, and the drip tray is oddly long at 17.5″. If the tray doesn’t fit, you can use the rack and foil to catch the drippings. 

If you have a bigger camping grill or smoker, you can consider this G.a HOMEFAVOR 14-Slot Rack. This rack is just under 14″ long, giving you 2 extra slots. The tray is also 17.5″ long, and, oddly enough, the rack is shorter than Cave Tools at only 5.7″ tall. (See why we said to pay attention to the dimensions!)

Preview Product Price
Cave Tools 12-Slot Chicken Rack Cave Tools 12-Slot Chicken Rack $16.25

No products found.

24. Beer Can Chicken Holder

​Do you want to be able to cook whole chickens on your grill or smoker? This gadget makes it easy… and flavorful.

While there are different chicken accessories, many campers love beer can chicken holders. It’s an easy way to cook a moist chicken using beer, which most campers have at the ready. 

The alcohol and beer flavor burns off, so it’s safe for kids to eat, too.

This simple beer can chicken holder does the trick while taking up the least amount of space. If you have room, this Mountain Grillers Beer Can Stand includes 4 vegetable spikes and a drippings tray.

Preview Product Price
Simple Beer Can Chicken Holder Simple Beer Can Chicken Holder $14.98Amazon Prime

25. Hot Dog Slicing Tool

Alright, we admit that this may be one of those gadgets that is more of a novelty than a necessity. But, we’ve recently become big fans of smoked hot dogs, and scoring your hotdogs and sausages helps the smoke penetrate better. 

You can see we’re not the only ones sold on the idea. The SlotDog Slicing Tool is very highly rated. The scoring helps make it smokier in a smoker and gives it a better char on the grill. Win, win!

Speaking of which, you should definitely check out our Smoked Hot Dog Recipes. Yum, Yum, Yum!

Preview Product Price
SlotDog Slicing Tool SlotDog Slicing Tool $21.99Amazon Prime

26. Open Grilling Basket

Grilling baskets are great for food items that don’t sit on grill grates well, such as shrimp, veggies, fish, etc. There are two main types of grilling baskets: open and closed. 

Which kind of basket is better for you comes down to personal preference. We know some RVers who take both, since they have more storage capacity.

As you’ve deduced, the open baskets don’t have a lid. You put the food in and stir it or shake the basket as needed to cook everything through. We like the Yukon Glory™ 3-pc Mini Basket Set because it gives you options for a small grill and cooking multiple foods simultaneously without mixing them. 

If you just want one big grilling basket, then the Grillaholics Large Grilling Basket is a good buy.

27. Closed Grilling Basket

A closed grill basket is nifty because you can flip the whole thing to cook the other side of the food. It’s also commonly called a fish basket, but you can cook much more than fish in it. 

The SHIZZO Deep Grill Basket is a good all-around choice. It has a large basket that can fit steak and burgers along with your veggies. It’s 12″x9.5″x1.5″ inches. It comes with 5 stainless steel BBQ skewer, basting brush, and carrying bag.

If you want to separate food within the basket, then the ORDORA Grill Basket gives you that option. It has 3 dividers you can place where you want them. It’s the same size as the SHIZZO, but doesn’t come with the extras. 

28. Reusable Kabob Skewers

As lovers of nature, we’re big fans of reusable skewers. Plus, we don’t like waiting for wood skewers to soak in water for 30 minutes before we can safely put them on the grill.

The JOMVERL 12 PC Kabob Skewers are a great affordable option. They’re a bit shorter than most metal skewers at 14″ long, but that’s good if you have a smaller grill (or stomach). They also have a circular hoop at the end, so you can hang them.

For a bit higher quality, opt for the GRILLART Kabob Skewers. They are 17″ long and have a nifty food slider! These are a bit more expensive and only have 10 skewers, but they are great for kabob lovers.

Speaking of kabobs, you gotta try our easy Hawaiian pineapple chicken kabobs. It uses a quick marinade for fast, delicious flavor!

29. Meat Claws

Also known as bear claws, these are used to easily pull apart meat. If you’re a fan of pulled pork and forks aren’t cutting it for you (literally and figuratively), this gadget is for you.

These claws help you pull a pork shoulder in minutes, and you do feel like a bear doing it, which is fun. So, if you often have pulled meat on your camping menu, then go for these.

The Cave Tools Meat Claws are our first choice with Mountain Grillers Meat Claws as a close second.

Preview Product Price
Cave Tools Meat Claws Cave Tools Meat Claws $14.90Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Mountain Grillers Meat Claws Mountain Grillers Meat Claws $12.99Amazon Prime

Random-but-Nifty Accessories

smiling woman in grilling apron

The following accessories aren’t must-haves for everyone, but they can be really helpful.  The first one, in particular, really comes in handy when camping. 

And the other two, are excellent references for beginners and experienced grillers and smokers alike.

30. BBQ Grill Light (& Fan)

​When cooking outdoors at home, it doesn’t really matter if it gets dark. You just flip on your porch light and keep grilling. But when you’re camping, you don’t have a big bright porch light to keep you going.

Sure, RVers can turn on their porch lights, but your BBQ is usually at the back of the motorhome. So, you need a better light to cook outdoors. 

That’s where these nifty KOSIN BBQ grill lights comes in. They’re magnetic, so you stick them on your grill or smoker where you need them. Or, you can get the more versatile Odoland Portable Lantern with Fan to use the whole camping trip.

Preview Product Price
KOSIN BBQ Grill LIghts KOSIN BBQ Grill LIghts $15.99Amazon Prime

31. Smoker and Grilling Cookbooks

Whether you’re a beginner or want fresh ideas, you can’t go wrong with a great cookbook. We know cookbooks are “old-fashioned,” but you don’t always have cell service or wifi while camping.  

The Traeger Grill Bible is an excellent resource; you don’t have to have a Traeger to benefit from it. No matter the type of smoker, no matter the type of grill, this book is packed with recipes you can try. It outlines “1,000 Days of Sizzle & Smoke” so you can “become a grillmaster in no time!”

Another excellent option is Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto. Remember at #7, we said Pitmaster Aaron Franklin made pink butcher paper popular? Well, that’s the guy who wrote this book, along with Jordan Mackay. It’s a complete course on meat- and brisket cooking.

Preview Product Price
The Traeger Grill Bible The Traeger Grill Bible $25.17Amazon Prime

32. Magnetic Meat Smoker Guide

While pitmasters know smoking temps and internal temps like the back of their hand, you probably don’t. And that’s okay! You can use a cheat sheet.

Cave Tools is a brand we’ve mentioned a few times on this list, and we’re going to mention them again now. They have an easy-to-read Magnetic Meat Smoking Guide in a small or large size.

For grillers, Cave Tools also sells a Magnetic Meat Temperature Guide that shows doneness levels and their correlating serving temperatures.

Preview Product Price
Magnetic Meat Smoking Guide Magnetic Meat Smoking Guide $5.99Amazon Prime

Keep-You-Cool Accessories

overheated man wiping forehead with towel

We know this is a list of smoker accessories and grill accessories, but we didn’t forget about YOU! It can get HOT HOT HOT cooking up some good food outdoors. 

So, we thought it’d be nice to include some accessories to help keep you cool and comfortable…

33. Sun Hat

Yeah yeah, a sun hat isn’t as cool as a ball cap, but BBQers are infamous for being rednecks. As in, their necks get burnt all the time while they’re leaning over their grills and smokers. 

So, push your pride aside and get a good, quality sun hat. You won’t have to put on as much oily sun screen and you’ll need a lot less aloe vera!

This EINSKEY Sun Hat is great for men and women. It has mesh side patches that help keep you cool, and a chin drawstring if it’s a windy day. Trust us, this’ll become your new favorite camping hat.

If you have long hair, we want to give you one more option. Keeping your hair away from the food (AND FLAMES!) is important, so a sun hat with a ponytail hole is ideal for you.

This Sun Hat with Ponytail Hole has cooling mesh sides and a hole to stick your ponytail. It also comes in “manly” colors, if you need it for your man bun.

Preview Product Price
EINSKEY Sun Hat (Unisex) EINSKEY Sun Hat (Unisex) $13.99Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Sun Hat with Ponytail Hole Sun Hat with Ponytail Hole $8.28Amazon Prime

34. Neck Fan

Neck fans are a game-changer for campers everywhere. Seriously, we know so many people who can’t handle heat well who are now enjoying the outdoors more than ever. Thanks to these wearable fans!

The JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan is a go-to. It comes in 5 different colors, which is fun. Not all wearable neck fans have to wrap around your neck. It’ll make you say aaaaahhh every time you turn it on.

This mini portable fan can hang on a lanyard or clip onto your clothes. Come to think of it, clipping it on the back of my pants to keep my back cool sounds pretty nice.

Preview Product Price
JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan $31.99Amazon Prime

35. Can Cooler

Drink cozies are okay at keeping drinks cold. Can coolers are amazing at keeping your drinks ice cold for hours! This is especially important when working next to a hot grill or smoker.

There are two brands of can coolers that outshine the competition. First is the Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler. It fits all 12 oz. and 16 oz. regular or slim cans and bottles. 

The second brand is no surprise: YETI. The YETI Rambler Colster is not universal, but does come in 12 oz. and 16 oz. models. Surprisingly, its price tag isn’t as bad as you might expect with YETI. (BTW, the “can insert” is just a fake sample can. Get the “No Can Insert.”)

Preview Product Price
Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler $34.99

Preview Product Price
YETI Rambler Colster 12 oz. YETI Rambler Colster 12 oz. $25.00Amazon Prime

10 Best Portable Smokers for Camping

portable smoker

Our sister site, RV Lifestyle, has a great list of the best portable smokers for camping. We’ll share a couple with you here, and then you can jump on over to the full list if you want to see more.

1. Traeger Tailgater

The name Traeger is almost synonymous with smoker, and the Traeger Tailgater is the king of portable convenience. Let’s just say it’s named Tailgater for good reason, letting you enjoy wood-fired flavor wherever you camp.

It’s compact yet has a 300-square-inch grill capacity, which means you can cook up to 12 burgers at once. It also has EZ fold legs so it can stand on its own or you can keep it folded and place it on a tailgate.

2. Kamado Joe Jr.

Kamado Joe is another big name in the smoker world, and it’s son, Kamado Joe Jr., is great for camping. It’s a high-quality ceramic charcoal grill with a cooking area of 148.5 inches.

It comes with a stand with handles for easy carrying. You can also use it to grill, smoke, and even bake your favorite camping meals.

3. Traeger Ranger

Yep, another Traeger made the list, which isn’t surprising. The Traeger Ranger is more compact than the Tailgater, which makes it even easier to take with you. It looks like a suitcase.

Just like the Tailgater, it’s a wood pellet grill and smoker. Unlike the Tailgater, it doesn’t have foldable lets. You need to set it on a table (or tailgate) to use.

Though it’s smaller than the Tailgater, it can still grill 6 burgers or a smoke a whole chicken.

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